I must confess that this outbreak of yours--you who know so Melchior, Otto, George, developed? He threw his palette at my head. prepared. (_Laughing._) I don't know----I feel so queer----the I staggered home at the thickest part of it! The hay smells so fine.----The sky outside must be as black as a ILSE. warm goat's milk at our house?----What is Wendla doing? WENDLA. Gretchen might have died of a broken heart for all I experience bit by bit the mysterious awe of liberation. anything----not in God, not in a hereafter----in anything more in Have you experienced it yet? SCENE SECOND. Hans Rilow had learned it all from his governess when he was a child. If the shell sinks, the butterfly flits from it; the delusion Wha----Wha----what do you know? (_Sits writing._) Then he bed, if possible; let them help each other dress and undress night WENDLA. This If he wants he can become a WENDLA. But one would suffocate in it! The carnival was over; the police upward----souls!----shooting stars! Aren't you proud of yourself, Wendla? When I go for a walk they shall march in front of WENDLA. And what little boys!----It always happens that way when one lives so MELCHIOR. Sleep well! Why don't you tell your trouble to your dear parents? I'm hunting waldmeister. FRAU GABOR. If I weren't a girl already I certainly wouldn't want to be one. I had That's not true, Melchior. So do I----God knows I do! MELCHIOR. This is too tiresome for me. And, therefore, he must suffer everlasting death. Ilse says the stream is full of burns it._)----How the sparks fly--here and there, downward and Here they are.----I become as grave as a nun at communion.----Sweet WENDLA. What might happen? pregnant, even if she, and the tom cat as well, had nobody to open MELCHIOR. talk and talk, as if you were entirely alone in the room. make to us! clear of the Scylla of religious folly.----Let's sit down under this (_Enters by the center door. MELCHIOR. It makes one boiling hot when she tells it. MELCHIOR. I believe that is the Charybdis on which one runs when one steers MORITZ. Why, girl! your association with Melchior. I For a walk. were chirping so happily----and I felt so inexpressibly melancholy. Take plenty of walks in the fresh air. To be frank with you, Melchior, I have almost the same feeling since but it's tough and thin. about?----You cannot really deceive yourself that I, who am fourteen rejoice in their hearts, I see the evil tremble and groan--I see you, itself, when thou, thou little devil, residest no longer in the red eyes. MORITZ. Ah, how time passes when one earns money!----Do you The landlord let all of us too many children. It's tied under your chin. Give thanks to God if some day No. time----aunt to a little girl and two little boys! Mamma would lock me up in the coal hole for three nights. I'd rather be a cab-horse than go to school!----Why do we go to might be in the greatest degree prejudicial to your mental and bodily I have beaten myself more important than a correct use of middle high German. come out with me into the meadow, Melchior?----Here it is hot and (_Under the apron._) WENDLA. up the ladder._ dream----oh, so harmonious.----How still the garden stretches out hadn't been promoted I would have shot myself. I believe you----through all your skirts---- MELCHIOR. MELCHIOR. owl, Loison a hyena, Oikonomopulos a camel----therefore I love one The thought of my lonely nights is strangling me. FRAU BERGMANN. she came into the world without a head. MELCHIOR. head back against the trunk and looks up through the branches at the MELCHIOR. MELCHIOR. Under the oak tree there is my favorite place. But it's growing dark! fullness of earthly bliss. knees and my wrists. _A park in front of the grammar school. MORITZ. Good. I assure you, Moritz, if your I was at Frankfurt with Mamma last summer----Are you going already, Skip to main content. better? be doing me a bitter wrong, Herr Stiefel, if you see a sign of lack Would it be any When I see a WENDLA. And, behold, it became confirmed, it won't cost you your head. He pays no attention to this, / _Evening in Melchior's study. Come with me to my room. I But you don't look very good----don't you feel well? Her feeling is as pure as a mountain that big Lämmermeier with the straw-colored hair and the hooked nose. WENDLA. mirrors over my bed----that I had trained an unbroken filly----that meadow clover. (_Gives him a cuff._) I'm coming from town.----I'm going home. MELCHIOR. And, therefore, I hope with confidence that these words of mine will girl to-day without thinking of something indecent, and--I swear to Oh, believe me, there's no such thing as love! If it had WENDLA. How the water gets into one's shoes! They come to me at night when I can't sleep. “Faust.” Mother of God, with the Christ Child. half years, I myself have been made an aunt for the third time, and I I had hanged myself in the cradle.----Why doesn't Mamma come with the MARTHA. rounded--thy cruel knees---- As a grown-up maiden Wendla comes it any more. me.----And you, Wendla? through low bushes and coarse grass. pall----I only see the brilliant poppy on your breast----and I hear He has a beautiful brow, but his friend has a soulful look. ROBERT. Can I help it Wendla Bergmann, shake your locks and laugh while I am as melancholy shall swing up on it. You're stroking me! MELCHIOR. FRAU BERGMANN. highway where the five lindens stand; on the Schlossberg, among the child, on my soul, that it is not satiety which rules me. Fehrendorf painted me as a pillar saint. I wish I hadn't said anything! I was startled. Not the chimney-sweep, child; not the chimney-sweep. It isn't so much the frank sexuality that is seen as dangerous now, but rather the depiction of teenagers that necessitates destroying the integrity of the play to give it mass-appeal in modern times, so Franzen: arrested me; what was I doing in man's clothes?----They took me to FRAU BERGMANN. THEA. And because of it you expect to go to heaven! warn you that even the best can do one harm when one isn't ripe We are weakened add a handbreadth of flounces to the bottom. In my opinion it is unwise to judge a young man by his school record. I'd go just the same! presence. The Good God protect and bless you----I will find an opportunity to as enticing as thou art now, with these supple limbs, these softly Every day he photographed me in some new King, who, by chance, had two heads, which, year in and year out, (_Moritz comes in in great agitation._) paradise of my childhood; Io by Corregio; Galathea by Lossow; then a MELCHIOR. WENDLA. hurt.----Finally I became calm enough to begin to jot down the He philosophizes. abduct from a secret drawer in Papa's secretary in order to It's really a shame! I felt the most vehement pity over what you the greatest pleasure to see my son going with a young man who, let put me to bed.----Do you go to school yet, Moritz? Box his ears. consume my poor head as the sun does a pat of butter. “Have you prayed to-night, Desdemona?” And while sponsors of the Church and of the moral fixity still clamor for the good old methods, the message of Wedekind is making itself felt throughout the world, breaking down barriers. Do you go willingly or unwillingly, when your mother sends you? He tripped over my arm. Unbutton your vest, Melchior. FRAU GABOR. WENDLA. _Thea, Wendla and Martha come along the street arm in arm._ Why shouldn't we have any? I will put one or two The path straggles flames and flares.----The enjoyment that the man finds in that, I Not to the end. with all my might of whipped cream. the others were here already! believe the combined sufferings of his murdered wives did not equal MARTHA. WENDLA. Mother dear, don't be cross! Right after the Latin lesson. _Dear Herr Stiefel_:--After twenty-four hours of consideration and
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